Airtel mail pop3 and smtp settings

Airtel Mail POP3 and SMTP Settings

Airtel Mail POP3 and SMTP Settings-Configuring airtel Mail in Outlook 2007

  • Step 1:While installing the outlook 2007 application on your computer, the outlook 2007 startup window displays on the screen.
  • Step 2:Click the next button in the outlook 2007 startup window to begin the configuration process.
  • Step 3:Click the radio button beside the yes option.
  • Step 4:Click the next button in the e-mail accounts window.
  • Step 5:When the add new e-mail account window appears on the screen, select the checkbox beside the ‘manually configure the server settings or additional server types option and click the back button.
  • Step 6:Click the radio button next to the internet e-mail option.
  • Step 7:When you click the next button in the choose e-mail service window, the internet email settings window opens.
  • Step 8:The pop3 and smtp server settings for the airtel mail account are given below for your reference:

User information

Your name your full name
Email address your

Server information

Account type pop3
Incoming mail server
Outgoing mail server (smtp)

Logon information

User name
Password airtel mail account password
  • Step 9:If you want to save the password on the computer, select the checkbox next to the remember password option.
  • Step 10:Once you complete the server settings using the details mentioned above, click the more settings button in the internet email settings window.
  • Step 11:This will open the next window on the screen.
  • Step 12:Navigate to the advanced tab.
  • Step 13:Go to the server port numbers section and select the checkbox beside the ‘this server requires an encrypted connection (ssl)’ option.
  • Step 14:Type the port number as 995 in the incoming server (pop3) field.
  • Step 15:Fill the outgoing server (smtp) field with the correct port number.
  • Step 17:Select either the tls or ssl protocol from the ‘use the following type of encrypted connection’ drop-down menu. Note: Smtp port for ssl enabled - 465 ; smtp port for tls enabled - 587
  • Step 18:If required, navigate to the delivery section, and select the checkbox next to the ‘leave copy of the messages on the server’ option.
  • Step 19:Click the ok button and go to the outgoing server tab.
  • Step 20:Make sure to checkmark the box next to the ‘my outgoing server (smtp) requires authentication’ option.
  • Step 21:Click the radio button beside the use same settings as my incoming mail server’ option.
  • Step 22:Once you are done with the configuration settings, click the ok button in the internet e-mail settings window.
  • Step 23:Click the finish button when you see the congratulations message on the screen.

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